MuEuCAP, a European Union Eramus+ Project

Promoting new approaches to Environmental Education

Our Project


MuEuCAP is a capacity building and training project that is supporting the modernisation and internationalisation of the three participating Myanmar universities. It mainly focuses on developing and testing a new curriculum in environmental protection which is of international standard and relevant to the needs of society.

Our support

MuEuCAP is supported by European Union's Erasmus+ programme. EU cooperation is benefiting higher education in Myanmar by providing additional skills, technical training, equipment, funding and international experience, which are not available within the country.


MuEuCAP is training staff to teach Master's students in technical and transversal skills, including ICT that are relevant and applicable to their future careers. Students are trained how to design and carry out an environmental protection project. This includes developing new skills in a range of computer programmes, especially GIS and biostatistics.


Maximising accessibility to a university education, is one of the objectives of the MuEuCAP project. This will ensure that students of both sexes and any race, religion or economic background will be equipped with the necessary skills that will promote their job hunting. MuEuCAP is helping Myeik University in becoming a national centre for expertise in social outreach and communication.


MuEuCAP will develop a curriculm with new and improved courses. Myanmar university staff working within international scientific networks are improving hard technical research skills and soft skills, including English language for science. Trained staff with improved technical capacity, with new technical equipment and new technical expertise will carry out research.

EU (European Union) Cooperation will benefit Higher Education in Myanmar by providing skills, technical training, equipment, funding and international experience, which are not available currently within the country.


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