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Myanmar Education Calender for regular classes has two semesters each year. The first semester starts in December and ends in March; the second Semester is from June to September. 

Class Hours

There are at least 5 teaching sessions/periods per day; these last at least 50 minutes each. Most periods are for lectures and are usually from 09:00 to 15:20 hours. Practicals mostly start at 07:00 in the morning and are usually completed by 16:20 hours in the evening. 

Education System

Myanmar Higher Education system consists of 4-1-2 structure; 4 years for the Bachelor Degree: 1 year for the Qualifying Class and 2 years for Master's Degree. Honours Classes take 5 years.


Local students from Myeik city usually come to university on foot or by motorcycle, motorcycle taxi, or car/van share.  Others who stay at nearby hostels can walk leisurely to our university in five/ten minutes .

Equal opportunity

Myeik University is equally open to both boys and girls. However, in all specialisations, except Geology, girls exceed boys in number.


Approximately half the students are from Myeik city and its near-by environs. The remainder are from villages in the surrounding countryside. Residential facilities are provided for these latter students but space is limited. 

ICT classes

Students can join basic or advanced ICT classes run by volunteer students who are trained by Kazuo Sugihara, a computer scientist from Hawaii, who is now volunteering at Myeik University.

Field trips

Field trips are very valuable and experiencing that can be helpful in building friendship, teamwork, time management and raises critical thinking skills.

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Dr Ni Ni Oo (Rector)

University Avenue Road,

Kalwin Ward, Myeik, Tanintharyi Region,


Phone: +95 (0)59 42761

Mobile: +95 (0)92000996

Fax: +95 (0)59 42324


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